Beer to go is legal!

Guests are now able to buy beer straight from our taproom anytime during our normal taproom hours. Legislation effective September 1, 2019 allows production breweries in Texas to sell beer to go!

We can sell up to 288 fl. oz. per person, per day. We can only sell that limit on a guest tab. For example, if there are four adults together, they can walk out with 4 cases, but only if each person buys one case each.

FAQ - let’s break it down.

Can I buy ANY beer y’all make?

While we’d love to keep stock of everything we make, we can’t guarantee we’ll have everything in stock. We will display what is currently available in cans behind the bar on the shelves and have current tap offerings listed on the chalkboards above the taps. Feel free to ask a beertender for help!

What can I get for my 288 fl. oz limit?

You can get any combination of cans/growlers that does not exceed 288 fl. oz. per person per day. That is the equivalent of one case of beer (24-12 oz. cans). OR Four 64 oz growlers plus one 32 oz growler. OR Nine 32 oz growlers. Y’all can do math.

Can I mix-n-match?

Want to try a bit of everything? We get it! You can pick any four 6-packs to make a case, but you cannot mix individual cans to make a 6-pack. 6-packs must remain one type.

Can I bring my own Growler?

Yes! Bring in your (clean) growler for us to fill up for you. Or you can always purchase one of our glass (32 or 64oz) or stainless insulated (32oz) growlers.

How long does beer stay fresh in a growler?

Well, how fast can you drink beer? We suggest once you open it up the first time after we fill it, you finish it within 24 hours for the best taste. We also suggest consuming it within a week or two for best freshness.

Can I buy beer for a friend?

Heck yeah! You’re a great friend! But the limit for your transaction including beer for you and them can only total 288 fl. oz. Our beertenders can help you calculate your total. Each guest tab has the 288 fl. oz. limit.